Risk Advocacy Group
Proactive Protection for the Professions


Advocating for businesses, organizations and professionals.

The Risk Advocacy Group (RAG) is a New York City-based consulting agency providing claims and risk management solutions to businesses, organizations and professionals. Our agency does not place insurance policies. We endeavor to simplify the complex and costly impacts of insurance and risk by identifying and analyzing the key drivers impacting insurance rates for insureds, and addressing those identified areas of exposure with proven mitigation solutions. Plainly put, we work to free you of the additional worries of the "what if's"; allowing you to focus on your core business functions.

Our proactive approach and cutting-edge technology equip businesses, organizations and professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to fortify against threats and exposures to operations. Entrusting RAG to manage HR, property and casualty, financial and professional risk frees you from the burden of compliance with jurisdictional mandates. We also serve insurers and re-insurers in similar capacities.