Risk Advocacy Group
Proactive Protection for the Professions


Passion. Experience. Diligence.


The Risk Advocacy Group was established as a full-service consultancy helping businesses and organizations grow and fortify their resilience to imminent risk threatening operations and finances. RAG fills the gap between liabilities and options of last resort. They identified the need for clients to partner with a knowledgeable and experienced team to aid in dealing with insurers, brokers, claimants and regulatory agencies to advocate on their behalf. RAG saw businesses blindly buying insurance policies that cut into their bottom line. Similarly, insurers would propose rates and coverage options without fully exploring the landscape of its insureds. This made RAG eager to cultivate its own, unique practice of proactive risk mitigation. They would truly dig into the business to understand its make-up, operations, finances and related liability exposures. The process is initiated before insurance policies are purchased so that we may explore ways by which the business may be able to cut down on insurance and related expenses. We provide ongoing analysis, evaluations and recommendations throughout the term of our partnership. RAG also found businesses left taking on the risk and expenses of its business partners and associates when terms that would protect against unnecessary exposures were not adequately laid out on their behalf. This fostered the contracts review and management portion of our operations.

RAG was established in 2018. Its diverse clientele includes hospitality, transportation, insurance and social services businesses and organizations. The agency has successfully cut liabilities and costs for its clients, directly impacting and reducing total costs of risk. It has also averted the cost of fines and additional regulatory oversight by making sure its clients are risk-compliant; and has safeguarded its clients from added costs of incurring liabilities of its business partners and associates. The agency’s broad experience makes it the premier solution for clients with high risk exposures.

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Shermaine J. Liggions

The founding Principal of the agency has amassed 10 years of professional experience. He has been integral to the management of financial impacts of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies and some of the leading non-profit/social service organizations. Shermaine lends an exceptional level of enthusiasm to his practice of cutting costs and liabilities for clients big and small. His broad background, consisting of civil litigation, and risk, claims and vendor management, uniquely positions him to holistically service clients. Shermaine’s experience in civil litigation required him to aide in the prosecution of breaches in standards of care and corporate negligence. He used that experience to work on behalf of businesses and organizations, transitioning from civil litigation to risk management. His legacy includes advocating on behalf of giants in the fields of healthcare, hospitality and social service/non-profit organizations.

Shermaine attended Long Island University, C. W. Post, as part of the accelerated Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) / Master of Public Administration (MPA) program, where he focused undergraduate studies on Political Science, and graduate-level studies on Economics.