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management of risk, claims, vendors & compliance.

We understand the value of your time and just how much your business means to you and your consumers. Our  services are designed to reduce the demands of insurance on your time, and its impacts to your bottom line. Whether you’re mitigating risk, navigating the claims process or recovering from a loss, we’ll advocate for you every step of the way. We are a professional services agency solely dedicated to ensuring the resilience of business.

Risk Management

Our team of RAG Risk Managers have deep expertise in the varied areas of insurance and risk.  Your designated Risk Manager will visit with you to provide a tailored assessment of your risks.

Your Risk Manager will:

  • Customize an action plan
  • Provide accurate recommendations to your insurer/broker of coverage
  • Identify risks unique to your business and make recommendations on how you can better protect it
  • Develop substantive policies and procedures to directly address your risk
  • Implement and assess those policies on an ongoing basis to measure the effectiveness, and to enhance them where necessary

Your Risk Manager will remain just a call or click away, around the clock, to address any concerns and to provide additional advice and recommendations.

vendor / third-partY management

Relationships between business associates are important to your success; something we’re particularly familiar with. Equally important is the need for you to protect your business from liabilities not caused by you. We strike a fine balance between these professional relationships without compromising your security. We will review contracts and agreements and provide coverage recommendations. You will benefit from our tools and information, for favorable negotiation of agreements between you and your business partners and associates.

claims managEment

Our focus is on loss prevention. Still, incidents may occur. Our team will work alongside you and your insurer/broker from initial notice of an incident through resolution to ensure amicable resolution. As your advocate, we will work on your behalf. We know how stressful, time-consuming and costly claims could be, which is why employ resources that will allow for favorable outcomes on your behalf.

Additionally, in the event of loss to your business, such as a severe storm or theft or damage to property, we will engage our rapid response team of Risk Managers and Emergency Response vendors to provide the support and resources you need. If you need help finding a reputable service provider, we‘ll recommend one from our network of contractors who have been identified as leaders in their fields. In the end, our goal is to help your business quickly rebound and to remain up and running.

Claims service support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Compliance with laws and regulations is essentially a type of risk. Businesses may be vulnerable to losses such as those to brand reputation, fines and penalties, business disruption, and more. As one of many risk, compliance risk is part of the larger slate of operational, strategic and financial risk. RAG helps clients take a disciplined approach to managing these risks through a combination of assessments and process improvements.